Ginny Puzey

Institution: Birmingham City University, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, School of Jewellery

Course: National Diploma, Design Crafts

Title: Gold Spiral Pendant

Description: An 18 carat gold pendant, fold formed and forged, and set with garnets. The top of the pendant spirals around itself to form a loop to hold the chain

Inspiration: Arm ring from Meiersdorf

This pendant was inspired by the many spirals seen in Bronze Age artefacts, specifically the arm ring found at Meiersdorf, Austria now in the Natural History Museum in Vienna. I loved the raised ridges and the spirals at each end of the piece, echoing the band spiralling around the arm. My pendant uses this ridge effect along the length of the pendant, ending with a spiral at the top to hold the pendant onto the chain. The pendant is dynamic and rotating so that it is interesting from any angle. I have included garnets to add interest and colour. Although stones were not set into metal during the Bronze Age their colour is reminiscent of some Bronze Age objects and compliments the yellow gold. The pendant was entirely handmade, using techniques which Bronze Age craftsmen would also have used.