Helen Reeves

Institution: Birmingham City University, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, School of Jewellery

Course: National Diploma, Design Crafts

Title: Spiral Pendant

Description: Hand forged 16ct yellow gold spiral pendant with aquamarines

Inspiration:  Gold armring  from Niløse near Holbæk

My inspiration came from the Scandinavian Bronze Age. During my research I visited Copenhagen and Stockholm. I discovered the spiral imagery and its particular significance. The spiral represents the continuum of the sun’s rising and setting every day. At this magical and mysterious time in history, people were in awe of the golden orb which controlled them and this was reflected in their belief systems.

Taking designs from the many examples of Bronze Age jewellery I chose to produce a piece in contemporary form. The spiral was made using the traditional technique of forging and this enabled suspension on a wire.

Although it is a contemporary piece I wanted the design to relate back to the original inspiration and prehistoric origins. My design features simple stone settings in aquamarine to represent the sea with the yellow gold symbolising the sun.