Chinese Whispers

Everyone has probably played the Chinese Whispers (know also as Broken Telephone) game where a sentence or phrase is whispered to the next player. The person at the end of the chain will announce the statement and quite often it is something completely different from the original phrase. In our project we are experimenting with motifs in a similar way. The first person will see the image of the original bronze-age motif and create his/her interpretation of it. The idea is not to pass on the image as authentic as possible, but only keep the idea of the motif. For example, a horse originally on a Bronze Age razor could end up as a different kind of image on pottery or maybe inspire a street artist. This work will be sent then to the second participant and so on. At the end we will publish all the chain in an online gallery. Below you can see the first whispering chains we decided to publish.

Chain 1

Chain 2

Chain 3

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