Helen Marton

Helen Marton is a contemporary craft practitioner specialising in hand built ceramics. Besides her teaching at Falmouth University in Cornwall, she has been a practising maker for 15 years, exhibiting nationally and internationally. She has work in permanent collections at the Hungarian Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, National Porcelain Museum & Art Academy, Latvia and at the Yorkshire Craft Centre.

Helen manifests works driven from investigations into fundamental drives and needs; archaeology and anthropology when relating to crafts often map cultural attitudes towards protection, consumption, reproduction and systems of belief. Her work focuses particularly upon borrowing and abstracting meaning and significance from both domestic and ritual objects in order to create powerful contemporary cultural indicators, future relics, and significators. Ultimately she endeavours to make sense of our world and communicate these ideas visually.

The nature of her journey as a maker can be illustrated through the linking of concept, context, process and material engagement. The melding of physical and historical journeys and the many varied human interactions that become inextricable. Commuting between past and present and from one culture to another, it is inevitable that as a contemporary craftsperson, the resulting artefacts hold their own unique blended significance. Resonant objects, having ritual and or domestic importance relate to human understanding and activity. Helen hopes to explore and unpack her own personal visual language in relation to a passage through the CinBA Makers’ Engagement Project.