Syann van Niftrik

Within a year of majoring in Ceramics at Johannesburg College of Art, I was dabbling with metal…..and three years later a practicing metal smith. I learn on the hoof, learning under any smith or jeweller who will have me work with them, and if there is a particular skill I’d like to master, I sign on to an appropriate course. My interest in making, beside the concept firing me at that moment, is with the process of execution. The marks of process are integral to what I do and I wish them to be evidence of my existence. And so, I continue to produce an ever evolving range of jewellery and investigate ideas and concepts as an expression of my life and times.

Archaeological finds, endlessly intriguing, seem to hold embedded within them the mystery and wisdom of the time in which they were made and the creative explosion due to technical innovations in the Bronze Age embodies it all. The plasticity and permanence of the techniques used by them have given us a feeling of direct connection with their creators as makers and as fellow human beings. I am hoping to investigate some of this while participating in this research project with CinBA.