Guro Jørgensen

Guro Jørgensen is an archaeologist and PhD-candidate in science communication/museology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Museum of Natural History and Archaeology in Trondheim, Norway.

Her PhD-project aims to understand how  today`s information society challenges the educational practices at the Norwegian University Museums, as traditional criteria for presenting archaeology and natural history to a wider public seem no longer sufficient. To satisfy new expectations the museums improve their availability through a variety of digital solutions, such as web databases, science blogs and a great circle of friends on Facebook. What happens to scientific knowledge when science communication shifts from a one-way educational practice to purposing a dialogue with the visitor? Through interviews and web-page analysis (for one, the Cinba-website) she will investigate in what ways the dialogue is successful or not, and how it affects our methods of evaluating scientific knowledge.

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