Motifs Tracking

Certain motifs were very important all around the Europe during the Bronze Age. We can see changes and development in these motifs over time and space which gives us valuable information about the movement of people and ideas in the past.

Our modern experiment will be based on selected motifs from Bronze Age artefacts, mapping how people modify them over the life-time of the CinBA Project. You are free to modify the motifs in any way to express your ideas, the main thing is to keep the motifs recognisable. When you submit your version of the motif, the image and location from which you sent it will show up on the map. All the works submitted will be displayed online.

We hope you’ll take part!

Here is the first image to inspire your minds!

[singlepic id=337 w=600 h=261]

Recent submissions:

Voyage of the Sun by Patricia Hopewell

Sun-boat Plates by Carys Davies

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