Workshop for Designing the Interior of a Middle Bronze Age House in Asparn/Zaya, Austria

[singlepic id=577 w=320 h=240 float=right]The aim of the workshop was to make the interior and soft furnishing of a bronze age house together with the visitors of the musem. Usually houses in open air museum houses are very sparsely furnished, mainly with just few details such as fireplaces and other thinkgs what can be detected on archaeological excavations. The house chosen for the workshop was built 40 years ago. It has been empty since it was built, but now new interiour decoration will give you an impression, as if the prehistoric people living in this house just left from there few minutes ago.

There are many small items of daily life and work: pots, baskets with personal things, tools, places to sit and talk… This make the house more authentic. It is the recreation of the living environment of a wealthy Middle Bronze Age family.

The austrian textile group of the CinBA Project was ask to take care for the textiles and their production, which played a great role in the life of prehistoric people.

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